Hello! My name is Brittney Bray. Welcome to my blog! I am a journalism student born and raised in the city of Chicago. Among being one of the most metropolitan cities in the country, Chicago has no shortage of beauty, diversity, and attractions. Whether there is a movie theater, museum, or park around just about every corner, Chicagoans and visitors alike can always find entertainment in the Windy City.

Chicago by Roman Boed (CC BY 2.0)  
Chicago Lakefront

However, for college students living on a college budget, affordable entertainment can be difficult to find. In fact, after becoming a college student, affordable entertainment for the average college student might consist of a cheap Friday night movie at a local theater or maybe a late-night visit to local cafe.  But, who says that living on a college budget in Chicago means that students can’t have access to all the diverse experiences and forms of entertainment that the city has to offer?

In this blog I will provide readers with affordable entertainment options in the city. Finding affordable entertainment does not have to be a hassle and it does not have to be costly. With a vast number of cultural events and activities that take place across the city there are sure to be events that fit any budget.

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